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Enhance the vibrancy of Minneapolis living with a new puppy from Keystone Puppies. We connect you with reputable breeders, ensuring you find a furry companion that’s perfect for city walks and lake adventures. Browse our website to find your puppy, contact the breeder, and rely on us for secure delivery of your puppy to Minneapolis. Get ready to explore with your new four-legged friend!

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Lab mix puppy. A Lab Mix would make a great companion in Minneapolis.


Popular Breeds for Minneapolis Living

With its varied seasons and active lifestyle, Minneapolis dog lovers often opt for breeds that easily adapt to both cold and warm weather and those that can keep up with an active lifestyle. Dog breeds that are popular for diverse climates and outdoor activities include Lab Mixes, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds. Each breed has its own unique needs and temperament, so it’s important to choose one that best aligns with your preferences, activity level, and living space. To find the best breeds for your particular needs, take our quiz to reveal your best matches.

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What's the process for adopting a puppy in Minneapolis through Keystone Puppies?

To find your future pup, visit our website to view available puppies. You can refine your search using various criteria, such as breed, size, and age, to find a puppy that aligns with your lifestyle. On each puppy’s individual page, you'll find in-depth information and ways to contact the breeder. If a puppy piques your interest, you can directly contact the breeder to learn more about the puppy and arrange for adoption.

Will my new puppy be health-checked and vaccinated?

Yes, absolutely! Every Keystone puppy comes with a veterinary check and/or a health guarantee of at least two months. Your puppy will have received their initial vaccinations and deworming before you adopt them, and you will be given a vaccination record from the breeder.

Where can I take my dog for a fun, scenic walk in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis has so many great options for enjoying a lively day outdoors. Some local favorites are:

Minnehaha Park: Known for its beautiful waterfalls and scenic trails, this park offers a great environment for dogs to explore.

Lake of the Isles Dog Park: An off-leash dog park where dogs can play and swim, located in a picturesque setting near the lake.

Stone Arch Bridge: Perfect for a leisurely walk, offering stunning views of the city and the Mississippi River.

What are some dog names that capture the vibe of Minneapolis?

A few fun names we’ve heard that reflect the energy and setting in Minneapolis are:

Moose: Reflecting the state's wildlife.

Luna: A name that's popular nationwide and fits well with the city's love for nature.

Jack: A classic name that remains popular in the area.


The Alaskan Malamute is well-suited for outdoor activities.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Breed for Minneapolis

When selecting a dog breed for Minneapolis, where the seasons change dramatically and outdoor activities abound, it's important to think about the long-term commitment that goes beyond your puppy's initial appeal. Here are some considerations for Minneapolis residents.

Size of Your Living Space In Minneapolis, where homes can range from urban apartments to suburban houses, the size of your pet is a significant consideration. Smaller breeds like the Pug, known for their adaptability to apartment living, make great companions for city dwellers. For those with more space, a larger, more active dog like a Charcoal Lab offers a friendly companion that is better suited for homes with yards.

Activity Level & Exercise Needs Minneapolis's love for the outdoors and its cold winters mean choosing a breed that can match your activity level and weather tolerance is important. Alaskan Malamutes are built for cold weather and thrive on vigorous exercise. Shih Tzus are content with short walks and indoor play, making them suitable for less active lifestyles.

Temperament & Social Needs The social atmosphere of Minneapolis, with its dog-friendly parks and communities, means considering a dog's social needs is key. Golden Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendly nature and ability to get along well in social settings. For those seeking a more relaxed companion, Miniature Dachshunds are known for their laid-back nature.

Why Choose Keystone Puppies?

Keystone Puppies is celebrated for our integrity, the excellence of our breeders, and our dedication to the well-being of our puppies and their new families. Here's what sets us apart for Minneapolis dog lovers:

Reputable Breeders: We partner with reputable breeders who meet our strict standards for ethical breeding and puppy welfare, ensuring your new companion comes from a loving and responsible source.

Breed Selection: Our diverse breed selection is perfect for the Minneapolis lifestyle, from robust and hearty breeds that are ideal for snowy adventures, to friendly and adaptable breeds that are more content when staying indoors.

Health Guarantee: Our commitment to the health of our puppies is unwavering. With every Keystone Puppy backed by a health guarantee, we assure they have been well cared for before joining your family.

Convenient Delivery: No matter the snow or the season, our delivery service makes sure your new best friend arrives safely and is ready to join in on winter fun or summer outings.

Good Dog Breeders Guaranteed

We guarantee that your puppy will come from a good breeder. What does a “good” breeder mean? Every breeder who works with us must comply with all state laws and any accredited breeder who works with us adheres to our breeder accreditation program to ensure we only sell puppies that have been treated with the highest level of care.

Our Accredited Breeders Adhere to the Following:

  • All puppies will be vet checked before they are 8 weeks of age.
  • Offer the 1-year genetic health guarantee for all of your puppies.
  • Puppies must be up to date on shots at the time of purchase.
  • Must give a puppy their rabies shot when they are between 12 – 16 weeks of age.
  • Will make sure all adult dogs receive a yearly vet exam and up to date on their vaccinations.
  • The Breeder Accountability Specialist will visit twice a year.
Accreditation Program Details

How Puppy Delivery Works

We always recommend a customer driving to pick the puppy up but we know that this is not always possible.

We understand the anxieties of traveling, whether on two legs or four. Our devoted team prioritizes the safety and happiness of your new puppy. With our reliable and secure pet delivery services, we alleviate the stress associated with transporting puppies over long distances. Partnering with major airlines, we ensure your Keystone Puppies reach their new loving homes, regardless of location.

If we cannot get a puppy flown into your closest airport, we can assist in connecting you with a ground transportation company.

Puppy Delivery Details

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