Accredited Breeder Program

Good Dog Breeders Guaranteed

It’s one thing to say you have good dog breeders, but it’s another thing to prove and promise it! While fighting hard to raise awareness for how to sniff out online puppy scams, Keystone Puppies is the first Lancaster business to have the proprietary addition of an Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist on board.

This is pivotal knowledge for so many local and out-of-state customers because it means that our Accredited Breeders truly are held accountable for their breeding habits. Being an accredited breeder has always been exclusive to the highest level of good dog breeders – but now, we’re taking it even further!

See what makes our good dog breeders some of the most trusted in the state and where to find your next puppy pal today!

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How We Ensure Responsible Dog Breeding

We’ve recently brought on the latest addition to our team to be our eyes and ears on the ground. For our Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability, there’s never a dull day in the paw-ffice. A few of the tasks this honest team member is entrusted with include:

Surprise Audits Twice a Year

Every Keystone Puppies Accredited Breeder is required to receive unannounced, in-person visits to audit their breeding facility twice a year. During this check-in, we look for signs that ensure a good dog breeder: compassionate puppy treatment and healthy living quarters. Because the inspections come at unannounced times, responsible dog breeders can’t prepare or “fake it” it in any way!

Guidance & Insight Consultations

To further help encourage responsible dog breeding, our Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist uses their lifetime of experience to help our breeders become even better. These tips could be anything from improving puppy socialization to making their “welcome home” package more personalized!

Investigates Any Dog Welfare Complaints

If you notice anything out of place or alarming during your visit to the breeder, we encourage you to contact us directly. Our team member will be sent out to the breeder’s location (often that same day) to perform an immediate inspection.

A Friend to You AND Our Breeders

At the end of the day, we all want what is best for the puppies. The job of our Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist is designed to help make our good dog breeders even better and to make you, our customer, 100% confident in ethical dog adoption.

Learn more about what our team does to encourage responsible dog breeders here.

Why Ethical Dog Breeders are Better for Pups and People

Every single one of the customers and the breeders we represent agree that it’s the puppy’s health, happiness, and wellbeing that matters most.

Ethical dog breeders don’t just sell their puppies to the first person to show up with cash in hand. Just like how you want a breeder to take optimal care of your future puppy, good breeders want to ensure they’re sending their pups home with a family who will love them well for the rest of their lives! For this reason, the ethical dog breeders at Keystone Puppies reserve the right to deny the sale to anyone they suspect may be unfit to do so. By keeping this rule in place, we believe we can help puppies, customers, and breeders have the best possible experience.

Find Cute Puppies from Good Dog Breeders

Finding the right puppy is a lot like falling in love…when you know, you just know!

Keystone Puppies makes finding your perfect fluffy companion easy, stress-free, ethical, and affordable. Through our breeder’s constant communication, representing hundreds of puppy breeds, and ethical puppy transportation services, we’ve been able to help over 16,000 wonderful puppies find loving forever homes! Find your fur-iend that will stick with you through thick and thin. Discover the adorable puppies for sale from Lancaster County!

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