Why Choose Keystone Puppies

First and foremost we are dog lovers. Everyone that works at Keystone Puppies™ has a furry family member they come home to—it’s why we vet each Keystone Puppies Certified Breeders to ensure they are loving, attentive, and nurturing puppy parents.

We know all about puppy mills, disreputable breeders, and the concern potential puppy parents have about making sure their little ones are safe and healthy. We feel the same way.

It’s why we offer a Keystone Puppies Health Guarantee and free customer counseling—we want to make sure your experience from puppy picking to puppy parenting is a good one.

Our staff is available to answer any questions regarding puppies and/or our Keystone Puppies Certified Breeders anytime Monday through Saturday, 8 am–9 pm at (717) 492-4396.

Pictures of Our Staff With Their Furry Friends