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If you’re looking for a Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy for sale, it’s smart to learn about the breed. This dog is sweet, gentle, and loving. No wonder they are one of America’s most popular breeds. They are prized as an intelligent and gentle family pet. Their social and obedient nature, combined with the cleverness inherited from their hunting lineage, makes this breed a favorite choice as a therapy or assistance dog.

This breed has an exceptionally long history in North America. Their ancestors were first bred as a fishing dog on the chilly, northern island of Newfoundland, now part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. They are descended from the St. John’s Water Dog, a large and hearty fishing dog bred by the settlers of Newfoundland as far back as the 16th century.

In the 19th century, this breed transitioned from a fishing dog into a specialized gun dog used for hunting and retrieving game. Their genetic history makes these puppies love water and swimming.

For many years, all Labs were black. Although the breed originated in North America, the appearance of the first brown, or chocolate, pup was first recorded in 1892 in Britain. After years of breeding, the first Chocolate Labrador Retriever was registered with the American Kennel Club in America in 1940.

The chocolate color is attributed to breeding dogs with certain set of recessive genes. Some studies suggest that these brown Labradors have a slightly shorter lifespan than Labs of other colors, although the dog is still exceptionally hardy.

This dog was first recognized by the AKC in 1917 and grouped as Sporting.

  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Weight: 50 - 85 lbs
  • Height: 22 - 25 inches
  • Color: If you are looking for a Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy for sale, coat color is probably important to you. The American Kennel Club restricts acceptable colors to chocolate, black, and yellow. However, white, English Cream, silver, and red are also popular coat colors for this breed.

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If you want to adopt a Chocolate Lab puppy, you should start by understanding the temperament of the breed. These pups are sweet, friendly, and docile. Theses confident hunting dogs enjoy being around people and are comfortable around strangers. These large, patient dogs are usually tolerant of the horseplay of small children and like to be spoiled by their family. They love children and makes a wonderful family pet.

They are hunting dogs, so these large pups require daily, outdoor exercise to keep calm and centered. The Chocolate Labrador Retriever enjoys fetching, tag, and frisbee games. Since they were bred to retrieve game, including waterfowl, they are also good swimmers and enjoy being around all kinds of water and beaches.


Want to find a Chocolate Labrador puppy for your home? Make sure you know the pup’s heath requirements. The average life span is between 9 – 11 years. While they are considered to be one of the healthiest breeds, hip dysplasia is a common problem for older or overweight dogs. Owners should carefully monitor weight to keep this dog healthier longer. Skin and ear disease are more common in Chocolate Labs than in Black or Yellow Labradors, so work with your vet to monitor these areas. Other health issues to watch for are:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Cataracts
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Obesity

Because this breed can have joint issues, keep your puppy at a healthy weight. Give your canine companion plenty of vigorous, outdoor exercise.

Take them in for regular vet checkups. With all breeds, it’s important to stay current on all shots and vaccinations.

Coat & Coat Care

Your Labrador Retriever’s coat should be short and dense, but not wiry. This hunting breed has a water-resistant or water-repellent coat that is slightly dry and oily. This coat is well-suited to keep water off the skin and keeps the dog warmer in cold water and cold weather.

This breed’s coat is relatively low-maintenance. The coat should be brushed with a firm bristle brush 2 – 3 times a month to minimize shedding. This breed is an average shedder, and its water-proof coat does not need frequent bathing.

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