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During the 15th & 16th centuries, the Bichon Frise appeared in France and areas of Spain. They were mainly bred to be lapdogs for Royalty.
The Bichon arrived in the United States in 1956. The AKC gave the Bichon full acceptance in 1973 and was grouped in non-sporting.

  • Country of Origin: France
  • Weight: 7 - 14 lbs
  • Height: 9 - 12 inches
  • Color: White is the predominate color of the Bichon. Other colors seen are buff, apricot & cream.


This small, charming playful breed is friendly, loving, energetic, gentle and enjoys playing with other dogs. The Bichon is known for it’s merry, cheerful, and gentle manner. This breed adores their owners and loves attention! They tend to have sudden bursts of energy which makes them very good for playing with children! The Bichon Frise is very social and do well in an environment where they can be with people much of the time.


The life expectancy is between 12 – 14 years. The most common health issues associated with this breed are luxating patellas (when the kneecap is out of place), teeth problems, ear infections and bladder infections. Other health concerns in the Bichon breed are cancer, hematologic and liver shunts. This breed may also be susceptible to seizures.

Coat & Coat Care

The Bichon Frise has a double-coat. The undercoat is soft and dense and the outer coat is course which the combination creates a soft but substantial texture. The coat stands away from the body, which gives it a puffy appearance.

It is best to have a Bichon groomed approximately every four to eight weeks. Daily brushing of the coat helps to prevent matting. If a Bichon’s coat gets severely matted, they may develop a hematoma, most likely in the ears.

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