How We Encourage Responsible Dog Breeders

One of the most important things that almost all of our potential puppy parents are looking for is ethical, responsible dog breeders. The vast majority of our clients want to be 100% sure that their new fur-ever family member came from a happy, healthy home and that their parents are well loved. Not only is getting a puppy from a bad breeder or a puppy mill a recipe for disaster and heartbreak – but we’re all dog lovers and would never want to pay someone that hurts the animals we adore.

While fighting hard to stomp out puppy mills, at Keystone Puppies, we hold our accredited breeders to the highest standards for puppy health and care. Of course, it’s one thing to proclaim that you care, and another to build it into every step of your business. That’s why we’re excited to announce we’re binging an Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist aboard – to guarantee our accredited breeders are truly being responsible dog breeders! Ultimately, we’ll worry about having the best breeders so that all you need to do is find your fur-ever friend!


Introducing Our New Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist

Our Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist is our eyes and ears to ensure that all of our Accredited Breeders are meeting the highest standards of care. Bringing a full-time dog care expert to our team is our way of ensuring that we always live up to the high standards that set us apart from other dog adoption agencies. We want you to have confidence when you spot that seal of approval – verified by a true expert – so that you’ll know you are adopting from a good person and a good place!

Here’s some of what our Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist does:

  • Performs Two Unannounced Inspections Per Year – The Keystone Puppies Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist audits every Accredited Breeder twice a year (at unannounced times) to ensure that their space, their practices, and their treatment of their dogs is healthy and compassionate. Since they don’t know when their audit comes, they can’t prepare or fake it in any way! If anything is amiss during these inspections, they need to make it right ASAP or lose their prestigious Accredited Breeder status.
  • Provides Guidance and Insight – Based on a lifetime of experience with all breeds of dogs, our expert will also provide guidance to help our responsible dog breeders become even better. This advice can include everything from adding extra enrichment for young dogs, to making the breeders’ homes even more welcoming to you. Our top breeders are excited for the Keystone Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist as they want to get credit for meeting these lofty standards – and they don’t want to share this elite designation with those who don’t!
  • Investigates ANY Dog Welfare Complaints – While we have an expert on the ground, you (and other potential puppy parents) can also help ensure that you’re seeing clean and healthy conditions. When you go to meet a litter of puppies and you see something out of place, let us know. When we get a complaint, our Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist will perform an immediate inspection!


Trust Keystone Puppies for Responsible Dog Breeders

We’ve always put puppy health and happiness at the forefront of everything we do at Keystone. That is something that matters deeply to us and the majority of our puppy parents, too. Expanding our team with an official inspector and welfare specialist was the next step to ensure that all of our Accredited Breeders live up to our standards – and that you can have 100% confidence when you work with Keystone Puppies.

If you’re ready to start looking for your new puppy, we encourage you to check out our new arrivals or explore a full list of our dog breeds that you’ll love! Whether you’re looking for a designer breed like Mini Goldendoodles or a classic breed like German Shepherds, you’ll find them – from a caring and responsible dog breeder!

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