How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Bringing your new puppy home is one of the most exciting moments for a first-time puppy parent. But as you watch your adorable pup check out its new domain, you’ll start to notice – your curious puppy could get into some serious trouble around the house. From choking hazards to ruined personal belongings, you’ll need to learn how to puppy proof your home stat!

Keeping your new puppy safe is one of the key ways to let him know you love him – but it doesn’t hurt to keep your home safe, too. Learn the warning signs now so that when you bring your new pooch home, he’s ready to acclimate and play safely. Read on to learn our best puppy proofing tips!


7 Puppy Proofing Tips

There’s so much to love about bringing your new puppy home – and he’ll love discovering his new domain with you. Check out these 7 puppy proofing tips to help your little cutie enjoy his forever home safely.

1. Have a Home Base  Puppy sleeping on dog bed in new home

Your new pup will need an area he can call his own, so make sure you have a safe space prepared for him before he comes home. Whether it’s a large cage or a pen, this space will be where he’ll feel most comfortable. When he first arrives home, confine him to this area so that he acclimates to your home gradually. Make sure you add in some bedding to boost his comfort level!


2. Toppling Trashcans Storing trashcans outdoors for puppy safety

Everyone knows that puppies love to run around – their energy levels know no bounds! But running around can lead your cute new pooch into some scrapes, including running head first into your trashcan. This puppy proofing tip includes moving your trashcans into a cupboard or the garage – and out of harm’s way. This helps to ensure you’ll never have to clean up spilled garbage and that your pup won’t eat anything rotten from there either.


3. Shoes Are a Dog’s Best Friend Black Lab puppies playing in new home

As you get to know your new pup, you’ll form an unbreakable bond. So it’s not exactly surprising that puppies come to love the smell of you – and destroy your clothes as a result. They think they’re just playing with your belongings, but their playtime can result in fashion disasters. In order to puppy proof your home – and to save yourself a trip to the mall – put your clothes away in your dresser drawers, closets, or hampers. If your belongings remain on the floor, your puppy may consider them fair game.


4. Clean up Their Territory Potty training Cocker Spaniel puppy

Your new best friend needs to learn a few boundaries, including where he can go to the bathroom. Puppies oftentimes urinate in the home as a way of marking their territory – resulting in a mess you’ll need to clean up. Make sure you wipe up any urination promptly so that your pooch will learn that it’s NOT his territory – and potty train him to relieve himself outside as soon as possible.


5. Watch out for Wires  Tangled iPhone charger and adapter

This puppy proofing tip is fairly simple to do, but crucially important for the safety of your beloved pup. Wires from your various home electronics pose a real danger for your curious new puppy, who may decide to give one a good chomp. To puppy proof your home, we suggest hiding wires behind or beneath furniture as much as possible, and wrap any exposed wires in thick duct tape to help prevent the possibility of electrocution.


6. Don’t Let Teething Take a Toll  Yellow Lab puppy chewing on furniture

Speaking of chomps, your new puppy is growing up – and that includes going through the teething phase. He’ll want to take a bite out of everything during this phase, so to puppy proof your home, we suggest spraying safe anti-teething spray on furniture legs and other popular teething spots. Giving your puppy a cute chew toy is a great way to deter chewing on furniture as well.


7. Keep Your Chemicals Away  Cleaning products stored safely

You want your new puppy to be safe and healthy for as long as possible – and that will entail keeping him out of the things he shouldn’t stick his nose in. Keeping any cleaners or other household chemicals tightly sealed and locked in your cupboards helps to make sure he doesn’t accidentally take a sip…which could result in an emergency trip the pet hospital.


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