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There is little known of the origination of the Dalmatian breed but many think that they originated from Greece. These dogs were once used for protection dogs because of their loyalty to their owners. This is also why they became the firehouse dogs! The Dalmatian was breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1888.

  • Country of Origin: Greece, Croatia
  • Weight: 45 - 65 lbs
  • Height: 19 - 25 inches
  • Color: The Dalmatian dog is white with black or liver spots all over it’s body.

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The Dalmatian breed is an energetic breed who is very alert and easy going. This breed is affectionate with their owners buy wary of strangers. This breed loves to play outside! They will do well in a family environment.


The average life expectancy is between 11 – 15 years. Dalmatians are prone to deafness due to their white coats. Other health concerns in this breed are:

  • Kidney Stones
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Skin Allergies

Coat & Coat Care

Their coat is short, fine & dense.

This breed sheds frequently so a good brushing a few times a week will be good for their coat.

Dalmatian Puppies For Sale

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