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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel did not start out looking the way it does today. It has been blended with other Spaniel dogs during the 16th century. This breed was popular in royalty and King Charles II was a huge supported of this breed.
Most of the breeding stock was destroyed during World War II. After the war, there were only 6 dogs that started from which all Cavaliers descend.
The Cavalier was recognized by the AKC in 1995 and grouped as Toy.

  • Country of Origin: Great Britain
  • Weight: 12 - 18 lbs
  • Height: 12 - 13 inches
  • Color: The four colors are: Blenheim – White pearly coat with chestnut markings on body, head & ears. Ruby – Rich red all over. (White markings are undesirable) Black and Tan – Black coat with tan markings above the eyes, muzzle, chest & legs. Tri-Color – Black and white with tan markings above the eyes, cheeks, inside ears & legs.


The Cavalier is a super sweet breed, who loves to play and is very affectionate. They are good with children and other dogs. Cavaliers will play with anybody and are very eager to please their owners. They can adapt to almost any environment, with children, without children, with dogs or without dogs. The Cavalier is a wonderful family pet.


The Cavalier life expectancy is between 10 – 14 years. Here are some of the health problems in this breed:

  • Mitral Valve Disease (MVD)
  • Syringomyelia (SM)
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Luxating Patellas
  • Vision & Hearing Disorders

Coat & Coat Care

The Cavalier should have a silky coat of moderate length. Standards state that it should be free from curl, although a slight wave is allowed. Feathering can grow on their ears, feet, legs and tail in adulthood. Standards require this be kept long, with the feathering on the feet a particularly important aspect of the breed’s features.

The Cavalier breed mats easily and needs groomed on a regular basis. Brushing in between grooming appointments will also help.

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