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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog lineage can be traced back to the time when Caesar invaded Switzerland. They originally descended from the Mastiff & were often bred with the St Bernard. The breed was brought over to the states in 1967.
They were first registered by the AKC in 1985 and were grouped as Working.

  • Country of Origin: Switzerland
  • Weight: 85 - 130 lbs
  • Height: 23.5 - 26 inches
  • Color: Their coat colors are black, white & rust. They have white on the tips of their tails, toes, chest & face.


The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is very friendly & gentle but protective by nature. They are excellent watch dogs because they are very alert without being aggressive. This docile breed is loyal & faithful and enjoys being around their family. They do well with children and are great family dogs!


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog life expectancy is between 10 – 12 years. Health issues to watch for are:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Eye Problems

Coat & Coat Care

They have a double coat which consists of a short outer coat and a thick undercoat that usually shows through at the neck. Their coat is short & dense.

Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush is recommended. More brushing will be required during shedding season. Bathing can be done when necessary.

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