121667- Jake Smucker- Gap, PA

Name: Jake Smucker

Phone: (717) 768-3491

Location: Gap, PA


My name is Jake Smucker. I own and operate a roofing business and enjoy spending down time with my family on our hobby farm. We have goats, horses, chickens, sheep and 2 energetic dogs. Our Greater Swiss, Delia has been Hip Certified and is a great Mom to her puppies. LuLu is a year old as 5/7/19 and has not had any puppies yet. We only have a litter of puppies once a year and we make sure they get plenty of exercise and are up to date on shots and certifications. Both of our females are registered with the AKC and are part of our family. We look forward to seeing our puppies get adopted into a loving family.