121089- Mike- Robesonia, PA

Name: Mike

Phone: (717) 507-5073 Call/Text

Location: Robesonia, PA


Hello, my name is Mike. I pride myself in being a reputable AKC breeder. I go above and beyond in the care of my dogs and puppies. Momma’s Carmon is our family dog. I start by feeding my dogs high quality dog food (life abundance) the best food money can buy. Once Momma’s Carmon was ready to breed I carefully selected a sire. After she was bred she started regular veterinary check ups. This includes ultrasounds at 30 days of pregnancy along with an x-ray at 55 days into the pregnancy. Once she went into labor I used the Dura whelping system which is the number one whelping box on the market. After giving birth, she begins a high end vitamin regime to help with milk production. At 2,4 and 6 weeks I deworm with pyrantel & at 8 weeks I use a very high end dewormer call fenbendazole. At 6 weeks the puppy had a full physical by my family vet (they are all perfect)The puppies come with health certificates. I also have vet references. Puppies also have started getting omega benefits, a very high end omega 3 vitamin which help boost immune system and is good for heart, eye and overall health. All my dogs take daily vitamins including salmon oil, vitamins c and glucosamine. Puppies will come with 1 year health guarantee and life long customer support.