Moses Fisher

Phone: (717) 947-0954

Location: Gap, PA 17527


Shady Meadow Farms is a 25 acre property, nestled in the rolling hills of Western Chester County, Pennsylvania. Our farms is the home of dogs and horses that are nurtured, loved, and respected. Our horses roam seven acres of pasture and have the freedom to exercise and graze at their own leisure. They also have access to the indoors whenever the weather turns bad. In addition to the pasture we feed them a steady diet of grain consisting of 12 percent protein and clean alfalfa hay. Our dog and puppy houses are well insulated and consist of heat and air conditioning; plus they have access to the outdoors at all times. Our dogs playgrounds consist of fenced yards – 100-150 feet long, giving them plenty of daily exercise; plus playing and enjoying the fresh country air at all times. We keep our dogs and puppies on a steady diet of Nutri-Source dog food. Nutri-Source has a very good balance of Omega 3 and 6 with DHA plus lots of minerals and vitamins. We keep our dogs groomed, vet checked, vaccinated and dewormed.

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