Mini Aussiedoodle Reviews

Edward G.

We are blessed to have such a great little boy. Our Rusty is 1 year and 6 months old and has been one of the best dogs I have ever had, and I’ve had many. My wife loves him so much that I don’t dare ask her who she would chose if it came between me and Rusty (I think I already know the answer). Rusty weighs approximately 17 pounds and when we first got him his coat was medium red, but has since faded to a light tan color. He is a friendly dog with both people and other dogs. We have had Rusty to training and he picks up things very quickly. We are considering having him trained as a service dog, but haven’t decided at this point. We would love to use him for breeding for 1 litter, but have not found a suitable mate as of yet. We have considered purchasing another puppy in the future, but the time is not right quite yet. I would definitely go through the Keystone Puppy site again, but instead of having another puppy flown down our way I would take the time to drive up and get the new puppy. Great purchase for a great puppy!

Gia Y.

Luca is a very sweet dog. He loves people, he is popular with our neighbors, he is also great at going shopping, restaurants and bars. I took him on the flights with me sometimes, he fits the carrier perfectly and was very well behaved the whole way. He loves to play fetch, and carries his ball with him everywhere. He loves belly rub and is great at cuddling. I am so happy that I got him, I tell him every day that he is the cutest puppy ever, and we are so lucky to have him!