Golden Retriever Reviews

Tara M.

Alyssa T.

Got my precious Winnie from Keystone Puppies! Having a golden retriever was always a dream of mine because they are such beautiful dogs. Winnie has the best personality and gets along so well with people and others dogs. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She is in perfect health and we are looking forwards to years worth of memories with our sweet girl!

Matt S.

Golden Retrievers are the best! They have absolutely wonderful personalities, so caring and loving! They are amazing additions to the family. Goldens are wonderful with children of all ages and are the perfect family pet. They are intelligent, so training is pretty straight forward. The breed characteristics all combined make an amazing dog! My golden, Brook has been an absolute blessing and would recommend the breed to anyone!

Nila L.

Emmaus C.

Arnold H.

Courtney B.

Melanie C.

Nathan M.

Helen Adenike A.