English Cream Golden Retriever Reviews

Joe G.

Our family has had 5 golden retrievers over the years and the last two were purchased from Keystone Puppies. Sam is the oldest and Cooper joined us almost two years ago. We have nothing but great things to say about Shawn, his wife, and the breeders we corresponded with. Great communication and coordination through delivery, which for us means to board a flight from PA to Souther California. The puppies have been completely healthy through adulthood. Each time we’d get a lighter and lighter color until we arrived at the white English Cream for the last two. There are so many great attributes to this breed, and they are the talk of the neighborhood, local parks, and beach nearby. People and kids are drawn to them like magnets! Make sure to have plenty of toys, balls, treats, and chews at the ready! Their calm gentle temperament is the best, so friendly to others, and truly man’s best friend! If you are looking to add this breed to your family pack, you will be rewarded daily by their endless love and loyalty. There’re not enough words to describe how much joy they bring to your life and family. We recommend Keystone Puppies to everyone whenever the opportunity arises.

Mary V.

When I first got Hunter he was 8 weeks old, quiet and cuddly. As he started growing, his nails became sharp as his teeth. He was very energetic and started doing the zoomies. Yes, he was a handful. I did notice how smart he was. He learned tricks right away. To keep him entertained during the day, I make sure I take him for two walks, play ball out back with him, do hide and seek games with his stuffed animals, used a cupcake pan filled with treats under balls and small toys, etc . I must say now that Hunter is almost 10 months old, he is the most loveable dog I have ever had. He loves being brushed every day. Yes, this time of year he is shedding. He doesn’t jump on people outside now while I am walking him. You will need patience with this breed while they are puppies, but I highly recommend English Cream Golden Retrievers. Hunter is such a happy, intelligent, affectionate, lovable dog.