How to Puppy Proof Your Home

As a pet owner, you want to keep your pup safe. Dogs are, by, nature, explorers. Puppies are even more curious. They explore with their eyes, nose, tongue and by chewing. With such an inquisitive animal in your home, each part of your home and yard presents dangers. When you introduce a new puppy or dog into your home, you must remove or safeguard hazards in almost every area of your home.

Puppy Proofing Bathrooms

Bathrooms present all sorts of dangers for pups and dogs. In fact, it’s so full of hazards that the safest route is to keep the bathroom door closed at all times.

However, even the best-intentioned pet owner occasionally forgets to close the bathroom door securely. That’s why you must puppy-proof the bathroom thoroughly. While you may have already placed pills and medicines out of reach; you’ll also want to keep cotton balls and swabs, soaps, shampoos, and razors in a cabinet that is out of reach of your pet or secured with child-proof latches. You can purchase child-proofing supplies inexpensively at most hardware and children furniture stores.

It’s important to keep the toilet lid closed at all times. Curious puppies could jump into the toilet, and small puppies could drown. Dogs also like to lap up toilet water, possibly introducing dangerous bacteria or cleaning solutions into their system.

Family members need to be conscientious about cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom. Put shampoos, soap, tissues, cosmetics, lip balms, and accessories out of reach or inside a cabinet or drawer.

The smells and textures of trash make the trash can irresistible to puppies and dog. Invest in a bathroom trash can with a locking lid, or keep your trash can in a child-proof cabinet.

Dogs also like to chew on cords, so never keep chargers or blow dryers plugged in, and keep anything with cords well out of reach, or keep them stowed in a child-proofed cabinet.

Puppy Proofing Kitchens

Your pup will spend a lot of time with you in the kitchen. Many families keep the dog food and bowls in this room, and the kitchen is full of wonderful smells that attract dogs.

Take a look at your cabinets, and think about the contents. Any cabinets or drawers that present a danger should be child-proofed for puppies or new dogs. Child-proof any cabinets with food or cleaning supplies.


The kitchen trash is a paradise for dogs of all ages. The smell of food scraps or even used tissues will attract your dog to the garbage. Spilled trash cans are more than annoying; they can be dangerous when pets eat foods that are toxic to them, or chew and eat old dish towels, used paper towels, or tissues.  When you bring a pet into your home, it’s time to invest in a heavy kitchen trash can with a very secure lid. The trash can should be substantial enough that your breed will not easily tip it over. The cover should be secure enough that pawing or tipping will not remove it.

Power cords are especially attractive to teething puppies. Keep cords well out of reach. If you must keep the appliances cords within the dogs reach, keep them unplugged with cords out of the way of dogs when not in use.

Puppy Proofing Living Areas

Puppies are chewers, and they especially love chewing things with your scent on it. Common chewing victims are pillows, blankets, magazines, socks, slippers, shoes, and hand-held electronics.  Even key fobs can be tempting to young puppies.

In the chewing stage, be extra vigilant about clutter. Keep electronics and charging cords out of reach. Stow blankets and pillows when you leave the room. Don’t leave socks, shoes or tissues lying about.

Plants are also appealing to curious pups. Place them out of reach until your pup has grown out of his curious puppy stage. Some plants are poisonous to dogs. See a complete list from the ASPCA here. Don’t take chances. If you have a plant that is toxic to dogs, remove it from your home.

If you have a home office, your pup will be attracted to papers, cords, rubber bands, staples, paperclips, tacks, and other office supplies. Items like these can be fatal if chewed or swallowed. Secure office items like these or keep them well out of reach.

Puppy Proofing Bedrooms

Scent drives your pup. Your dog loves the bedroom because it’s full of things that smell like you. Clothes, especially dirty clothes, are a favorite chew item for canines. Shoes and slippers are also likely targets. Keep your laundry and shoes put away, in a hamper, or secured in a closet. Put away choking hazards. Hair bands and ties, ribbons, jewelry, coins, cufflinks, watches, earbuds, glasses, and even perfume samples are dangerous when swallowed. Put them away in drawers.

As in any room, keep your trash secured and keep cords well out of reach.

Some puppies feel more secure in small spaces, and like to hide under beds or behind chairs. You may want to put up a blockade to prevent them from hiding out of reach.


Puppy Proofing Garages, Sheds, and Yards

Garages and sheds are often filled with paints, poisons, fertilizers, salts, antifreeze, gasoline, and oil. All of these are hazardous if chewed or ingested. Antifreeze is deadly, even in small amounts, and is particularly threatening since it has a sweet taste that dogs like. Keep substances like these inside a locked cabinet, or store them on very high shelves that your dog can’t reach.

Many beautiful flowers and plants pose a health threat to dogs. Even common plants like daffodils and foxglove can cause rashes, vomiting or diarrhea if ingested. If these plants are in areas with your dog, they are potentially hazardous. See a complete list of dangerous plants ­­­­­­from the ASPCA here.


Keystone Puppies cares about your dog’s health. Puppy-proofing your house and yard is a good idea for any home with a dog or puppy. If you suspect your pet has ingested any potentially dangerous objects or substances, call your vet or pet emergency services immediately. If you haven’t decided which breed of dog is right for you, research over 200 breeds here.  Want to search for your new puppy now? Click here to get started.

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